UT Health Learns: Course Admin - Create a new ILT/BLT Offering

ATTENTION: These instructions are for ILT/BLT courses that currently exist in UT Health Learns with at least one course offering available within the course. If you need to create a new ILT/BLT course or your first course offering, please submit a service request. A service request should also be submitted if you experience any issue in the creation of your new ILT/BLT Course Offering.


To create a new ILT/BLT Offering:

1. Log into UT Health Learns and navigate to the Talent Suite Dashboard.

2. Select the My Client Groups tab, and then select UT Health Learns.

3. On the Administrator Dashboard, select Learning Catalog.

4. With the Courses tab selected, enter the Course Title (as shown in the Learner Catalog). Next, under Publish Start Date, enter "01/01/1968." This will be necessary for any course that previously existed in Knowledge Center. Finally, select the Search.

Example: The following example is displaying the "UTHP Sterilization and High Level Disinfection Annual Review [BLT]" course, and you can see that the course was located in the LMS after entering the Course Title, Publish Date Date, and selecting Search.

Note: If you will be adding ILT/BLT Offerings regularly, please submit a service request for assistance with adjusting your Course tab settings from Basic to Advanced so that you can also search for courses by Course Number and the "01/01/1968" date will always be displayed. An example of the Advanced settings is shown below.

5. To proceed with adding a new ILT/BLT, select the course title. In this example, the "UTHP Sterilization and High Level Disinfection Annual Review [BLT]" course title is being selected below.

6. In the course page, select Offering.

7. In the Offerings page, locate the most recent offering listed. In this case, the Offering 20-002 that was scheduled for 12/11/2020 at 2pm is the most recent. To copy the offering and retain the previous settings, highlight the most recent offering and select Copy.

8. Now, you are in the new offering. In the General tab, edit new the offering by entering the details for your new offering.

  • Title: Remove "Copy of" and leave the rest of the offering title
  • Title: Adjust the offering number to the next in the sequence. In this example, the most recent was [Offering 20-002], so this new offering will become [Offering 20-003].
  • Title: Change the day, date, and time. In this example, the most recent was schedule for 12/11/20 (Fri) 2:00pm, and we are changing this one to 12/16/20 (Wed) 11am. 
  • Publish Start Date: This will be the first date that Learners will be able to enoll in the Course Offering. In this example, we are using the default date entered. It is recommended that you provide Learners at least 30 days to enroll in the Course Offering. In this example, we have provided Learners 60 days to enroll in the Course Offering.
  • Published End Date: This will be the last date that Learners will be able to access the Course Offering to complete the course evaluation. It is recommended that you allow one week for Learners to complete the Course Evaluation. As a result, the Publish End Date for this offering will be 12/22/20.
  • Offering Start Date: Change to the new offering state date. In this example, it will be changed from 11/23/20 to today's date.
  • Offering End Date: Change to the new offering end date. In this example, it will be changed from 12/11/20 to 12/16/20.
  • Primary Classroom: If you are using a virtual classroom, "TBD - Virtual Classroom" should be displayed. If you are using a physical classroom, select the drop-down and search and select the classroom you will be using. If the classroom you are searching for is not available in the LMS, submit a service request
  • Primary Instructor: This will be the person who will be facilitating the class and may change regularly depending on the course offered. Use the drop-down to search for other instructors.
  • Offering Coordinator: This is the person who is responsible for managing the offerings for this course and/or department trainings. The person listed here is generally the same person for every offering for this course.
  • Capacity Rules: This box should be checked.
  • Minimum Capacity: This is usually 1 or more (yet, less than your maximum capacity).
  • Maximum Capacity: This the maximum number of students allowed to enroll in this offering.
  • Waitlist Rules: Allowing joining the waitlist from self-service should be checked.

After you have changed all of the details for the new offering, select Save, and then the Activities tab.

9. Under the Activities tab, select "Class" to modify the activity. 

10. Under general details at the activity level, enter the details for the activity:

  • Activity Date: This is the date the class is being held. In the example, it is being changed from 12/11/20 to 12/16/20.
  • Start Time: This is the time the class will begin. In the example, it is being changed from 2:00 pm to 11:00 am.
  • End Time: This is the time the class will end. In the example, it is being changed from 3:00 pm to 12:00 pm.
  • Expected Effort: This is the duration of the class in hour increments. For 75 minutes, you would enter 1.25 hours. For 90 minutes, you would enter 1.50 hours.
  • Instructors: If you completed this on the General tab, the information was shared here. In the example, we entered Nancy Mendicino, so her name is listed here as well. 
  • Virtual Classroom URL: If your class will be held virtually, enter the event/meeting URL for the classroom from the platform you are using (Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.). If you do not enter a Virtual Classroom URL, Learners will not have access to your virtual classroom and the information will not be included in the calendar invite that Learners can download when they enroll in the ILT/BLT Offering.
  • Classrooms: If you have entered a Virtual Classroom URL, you may select the to remove the "TBD - Virutal Classroom" from your activity. This is "TBD - Virtual Classroom" is set-up as a placeholder since classroom information is required. If you entered a physical classroom from the General tab, it will also be shared here, similar to the Instructors field.

After you have changed all of the general details for the new activity, select Close.

11. When you return to the Activities tab, select Save and Close.

12. After saving and closing your offering, you will see the details listed on the Offering page. 

13. At this point, the Course Offering is available in the learning catalog and Learners will be able to enroll in your ILT/BLT. You are welcome to review on your own by selecting the Home button which will direct you to the Talent Suite Dashboard.

14. From here, you may access UT Health Learns by selecting the Me tab, selecting UT Health Learns, and navigating the LMS as a Learner.

15. Next, you can use the catalog to locate the course and the related offering, Type in the first fiew words of the course title, and when you see it appear, you can select it. 

16. When you arrive to the Course Details page, you can expand the Available Offerings section (select the arrow to the right of the name) to view the course offering you just entered.

17. If you wish to share a link that will direct Learners directly to this course, select Actions on the top left, then select Copy Link

18. In the Copy Link page, copy and paste the Learning Item Deep Link and embed it within a SharePoint Department website, newsletter, email, or other training materials. The URL is unique to the course and will display all available offerings for your ILT/BLT course at any time.

If you have additional questions, submit a service request.

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