Microsoft Exchange Reconfiguration Guide on Mac OS

In this guide, you will need to remove Exchange Accounts in TWO different locations on MAC OS X 10.11 or greater.

Removing the Exchange accounts will not delete any emails permanently. We are only removing

the Server connection to MS Exchange Online.


  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. On the Outlook menu, click Preferences then click Accounts.
  3. At the bottom, you will see “-”, please select this to remove the Exchange account.
  4. Depending on version of Outlook you have you will be prompted to select Exchange , Office 365, or other. Select "Microsoft Exchange"

5.  In the same Outlook -> Accounts Window, Click the "+" option,

    Select "Microsoft Exchange", enter user credentials and sync email again.


6.   Next, we are going to remove all Exchange Accounts under System Preferences -> Internet Accounts.

7.   Click “-“ in the bottom left to remove the Exchange Account.

8.   Do NOT reconnect the MS Exchange Account under Internet Accounts. Users should be using Outlook on MAC for emails or Users may encounter syncing issues again in the future.

For Mobile Apple Users ( iPhone and iPads ) Please refer to this email setup:



If you ever get an additional user login prompt after entering the email in Outlook as seen below, make sure to add “” in the username field and save password in the User’s Local Keychain.

If you encounter other issues with Microsoft Exchange, You can also clear the Office Credential items in Keychain Access.

 9.  Open Keychain Access

10. Select the Keychain Access Search bar in the top right corner

11. Search and delete all references to the following items:

  • Exchange
  • Office
  • ADAL

12. Close Keychain Access

13. Add Exchange account again in Outlook on Mac.



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