Chapter 1: Introduction

This guide is intended to be an ever-evolving tool to guide the writing, image placement and other editorial content that appears online on behalf of UT Health San Antonio. It is one component of the overall decisions made for content that appears in print, on video, in images and in digital formats for the university. It supplements the style decisions prepared by the Marketing, Communications & Media department. 
Not only does this guide serve as a reference point for questions on preferred wording and usage online, it gives writers help adopting a consistent tone and voice that represents the sincere goal of our digital efforts: To be an engaging, enlightening, approachable source of information and learning for all the audiences served by the UT Health San Antonio. 
Generally, this guide leaves matters of spelling and style to AP and Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Additional notes are listed, however, for terms that are of particular interest to our organization.  
Because editorial content on the web comes in many sizes and forms, guidance is offered to help keep a consistent voice and tone on various content formats. 
The guide will be adapted as our organization adapts and we will continue to strive to make this document as comprehensive and representative of our web & digital goals as possible. 

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