Newsletter Feature

The newsletter design can group posts to display based on the most recent issue.

Adding News Stories

1. Login to your site and click New -> Posts

2. Fill in the following fields

  • Title (Required)
  • Body Content (Required unless its for an external news post)
  • Excerpt (This will show up under the featured image as a short description of the article)
  • Featured Image (This is only required for the Featured Stories section)
  • Tagging (Story Placements & Newsletter Issues)

Adding News Stories

Tagging Stories

This feature has 3 taxonomy groups: Story Placements, Newsletter Issues and Categories


Categories can be used but only show up on the bottom of a post. Categories do not affect the placement of the story on the newsletter landing page.


Newsletter Issues

1. Once an article is created, create the newsletter issue (If the correct newsletter term already exists, just use the checkbox)


Story Placements

The only term in the Story Placements taxonomy is Featured. This will load posts in the featured section of the Newsletter landing page.


Updating the Newsletter Landing Page

First, add all posts are loaded into your site and tag the posts with the upcoming newsletter issue.

Update the banner story

The featured banner instructions can be found here:

Change what posts the page is loading under the banner

1. Click Edit Page on the top black admin bar.

2. Change the Newsletter Issue associated with the page to the desired Newsletter issue.


Featured Stories

To have posts appear in the Featured stories section or the Our Stories section, please tag 3 posts with Featured term under the Story Placement taxonomy.

This cannot be manually sorted but should be sorted by post date. Please use the Featured Image field for these news posts to display the featured image in this feed.


Other stories in this issue

This section loads all posts that are not tagged with the Featured term in the Story Placement taxonomy group.

**Important: Please keep in mind that the Newsletter landing page needs to be tagged with the Newsletter Issue term that you want to display.


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