Microsoft Forms Business Use Cases

Microsoft Forms can be useful for quick feedback from users with graphical representations. Here are some business use cases:

Office function (ex. potluck/celebration)

Forms can be used to quickly create a survey asking people what they plan on bringing to a potluck or getting a poll on deciding the theme of the occasion.

Jo Harper is a student who wants to set up a potluck for the last day of class. He creates a Form to capture what each student plans on bringing, as well as what each student thinks the theme of the occasion should be. With all the information he needs in one place Jo is easily able to coordinate the occasion which goes off without a hitch.

Mock up form/ticket

Forms can be used to prototype a form or ticket with its capabilities for branching.

Lucie Manette is a Business Analyst who helps identify and fix a wide range of issues for a multitude of clients. She often collects the same basic information up front in her process to get an idea of where to get started. Rather than ask every new client the same questions over and over, Lucie creates a Form that her clients can fill out before she meets with them for the first time. Armed with the information she needs in advance, Lucie can deliver solutions faster than ever.


Quizzes can be used to gauge how much information people have retained. 

Professor Waldman wants a quick way to see if his students are understanding the material he presents in class. Using Forms, he creates a quick quiz with different questions related to core topics he has taught. Microsoft Forms records the answers so Professor Waldman can see every student’s individual answers to questions; as well as, how well the entire class did on every question. Using this information Professor Waldman can gauge which topics his class understood and which topics he may need to review. 


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