DDPE secure usb/external media Windows

DDPE Encryption of Removable media (USB Flash Drives) Part 1

Any removable media inserted into a computer with DDPE will have two options:

Selecting “No” will allow you to view your files. You will not be able to save to or from your removable media, only view.

Selecting “Yes” will begin the encryption of your removable media device. You will be prompted to enter a password first. Encryption does take some time depending on the size of your removable media, so make sure you have time to wait. Can be 20-30 minutes if not more.

The password will be used for unlocking your files after executing  “AccessEncryptedFiles.exe” (explained in Part 2), which will be placed in your exetrnal media directory once encryption completes. The password can be reset by calling the service desk 210.567.7777 if forgotten.


After you enter your password, the encryption will begin.

After the removable media has been encrypted, the window will close and you will know be able to access from My Computer, My PC or File Explorer.

**CAUTION** make sure the removable media has completed encryption. Removing the device before encryption is complete can cause your files to become corrupt.


DDPE Encryption of Removable media (USB Flash Drives) Part 2

Accessing a DDPE encrypted USB flash drive:

Open usb or external media. Locate “AccessEncryptedFiles.exe”.


Double clicking the “AccessEncryptedFiles.exe” will open the “External Medial Shield Options” window.

Select EMS Explorer, this will give you access to your files after the password is entered.

*Note: Installing EMS Service is not recommended. A reboot of the system is required if you select Install EMS Services and you will also need Administrator Privileges.



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