Share Preview of Unpublished Page

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You may now demo new Flexible Layout pages on a live website without publishing the page.

  1. When you initially create your page, be sure to uncheck "Published" before you save.
    uncheck published
  2. When you are ready to share your creation with a user that does not have access to log into the website, click on the Edit tab.
    edit tab
  3. On the righthand side of the edit page, click on “Temporary unpublished access” to expand it.
    temporary unpublished access
  4. Click on the “Generate Token” button.
  5. Then click on the “Copy” button.
    copy button

This will copy a link to the page that can be used by an anonymous user.

The link will have a special token at the end of it that will allow the anonymous user access to view the page.

This link will expire in one week (by default) unless you change the “Lifetime” setting before you hit the “Generate token” button.


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