Adding Publications to Provider Profiles

Add Research & Publication Content

To add a publication to a provider profile, you must first add the publication separately on the site. (There is a separate content type for Research and Publications.)

Under the Content menu, select Add content > Research & Publications

Enter the Title of the publication in the Title field and the Research & Publication - Title field.
If there is an external link for the publication, you may enter it in the Link field.
Enter the authors names in the Researchers field.
Additional reference info goes in the References field.
publications example

You may also create just one link for all publications with one link to PubMed.
link to pubmed

Add Publication to Provider Profile

Once the publications link has been added as Research & Publications content, you may select it from the Provider profile.

Find the provider webpage where you would like to add the publication, and click on Edit.

Under Provider Research & Publications, start typing the title of the publication you would like to add and select it when it pops up.

To add multiple publications, click on the Add another item button.

The publications will now appear near the bottom of the provider profille.



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