Tag and Import News Stories

The Courage over Cancer blog can automatically import stories from news.uthscsa.edu into cancer.uthscsa.edu.

Tagging on news.uthscsa.edu

  • On news.uthscsa.edu tag the post with the category: Cancer
  • Make sure that under category, In the news is not selected.
  • Under health conditions, select: Cancer

categories: cancer


health conditions: cancer

When all three of these conditions are met, then the post can be imported into the Cancer Center site.


If you would like an image to display on the Cancer Center site for the story, then be sure to place the image in the Featured Image field on news.uthscsa.edu for the post.

featured image

Importing New Stories

The Cancer Center website will import new stories automatically overnight. If you wish for the import to occur immediately, you can run the importer on the Cancer Center site.

To import the stories, on cancer.uthscsa.edu click on the Shortcuts link in top bar, and then click on Import News Stories.

Import News Stories


Then click on the Execute button.

import stories

Clear Cache

To clear the server cache, navigate to the home page and/or courage over cancer blog landing page.

Click on the Clear! button under Refresh this page.

refresh this page


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