Pill Tabs (Optional Tabbed Content)

This feature is available on all basic pages in drupal. This feature is currently limited to the bottom of the page and its recommended to limit the character count for each tab title to 15 characters.

Design Options (Tab Style)

1. Tab Content (Recommended)

2. Basic

3. Large


Implementing a new Pill Tab

1. Create a new draft of the page

2. Scroll down to Optional Tab Content and expand

3. Select a Tab style and Tab Color

4. Create the Tab Title and create a unique ID for the Tab Title.

  • This unique ID will connect the tab button to the correct tab content below. This ID will not be displayed on the web page and no spaces are allowed in this field. As an example, you can use... tab-1, tab-2...This ID will need to be copied to the corresponding Tab ID field for the tab content.


Note: Every tab will need a unique Tab ID and the ID should match the ID of the content box

Please create a service request if assistance is needed.

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