Image Hosting

For applications that need images but don't have image storage options, you can request access to our image storage site. ( To get access please submit a service request.

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Compressing Images

Images must be compressed before being uploaded. The file size limit is 1MB for all media but images should be much smaller than this.

To compress images, you can use photoshop or an online tool such as JPEG Optimizer (

If using the JPEG Optimizer tool above, you can use the following settings as a general standard.

1. Browse to select the image that needs compression,set the Compress Image to 65 and the Resize Photo to 600

2. Click Optimize Photo

3. Right click the image and select Save As

4. Name the file appropriately, for head shots, we recommend firstname-lastname.jpg

In this example, the image was compressed by 80% but still is a high resolution for the web.


Uploading images

1. Login to the site:

2. Click on Media

3. Click on Add New

4. Drag and drop the images needed to be uploaded or click Select Files to upload from your computer.

5. Click on the desired image and click the button Copy URL to get the web accessible link.


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