Creating New Profiles

In order to add a new user, you will need to first setting up their permissions, then creating their profile. This guide will walk through the minimum steps needed to have the faculty profile created and enables that faculty member to edit their own profile.

Adding Faculty Member Permissions

Department editors will have the ability to create new faculty member users in directory.uthscsa.ed. Please create a service request if any of the following occur or are needed;

  • Department delegates need to be added or removed
  • Permissions are set up incorrectly
  • Permissions need to be modified or revoked
  • There are issues creating a new user role

There is a link in the grey top shortcuts toolbar to “Add user”.

1. To add a new user, click on the “Add user” link in the grey toolbar.

2. Fill out the following fields

  • Username: This must be their UT Health username (You can get this from the email directory. Do not create a new user if they do not have a UT account.) Preferably lowercase.
  • E-mail address: This must be their UT Health Email and preferably lowercase.
  • Password: Create a temporary password such as: F1rstPas$w0rd!
  • Roles
    • Faculty users will need the Faculty Member role only. 


Notify user of new account – think about whether or not the user is expecting this email. Faculty members may be not be aware of the website and may be disturbed to receive it. Use your best judgment on whether to check this field.

3. Click on Create new account

Creating a new profile

  1. Click on Add content in the top toolbar ( 
  2. Click on Profiles v2 ( 
  1. Fill out the following fields
    1. Title
    2. UTHSCSA Username: The username field is a unique identifier for the profile. It is also used in the url for the profile. 
    3. EDITING PERMISSIONS (Dropdown Section)
      1. Website Section: If you choose a department or division under Medicine, please be sure to select the parent items as well
    4. General (Dropdown Section)
      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. Department & Divisions (or Institution if applicable) - Checkboxes. If you check a Division, please check the parent department as well.
    5. Author Information: Please see the next section for additional information on Author Roles.

Connecting Faculty Editing Permissions to a Profile

If a Faculty Member has a profile created but cannot edit the profile, their profile likely needs to be updated to have their username set as the Author. To fix this, edit the profile

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click the Authoring Information tab
  1. Fill out the Authored by field with the faculty members username. Use their username from the directory, lowercase is preferred. (If the faculty does not have a ut username, then just leave this blank.)
  2. Lastly, click Save
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