PDF / Document Uploading | File Management

For this example we will use the LSOM site editor user.

1. Log in to Drupal as usual.

2. Navigate to the page where you would like to upload the file.

3. For this example the page has not been published yet so you would select Edit draft. If you are editing a page that has already been published select New draft.

Edit draft button

4. Type in whatever you want for the link text. We will use This is a test for this example.

5. Select the text and click on the link icon in the toolbar.

how to add the link text

6. When the file browser opens select URL from the Link Type field. Then click on Browse Server. This will open the file browser.

select link type

7. Click on the Upload button.

click on the upload button

8. Click on Choose File.

click on choose file

9. Navigate to the location of the file you want to open is on your computer. Select the file and then Click Open.

navigate to where you have the file on your computer

10. When you see the file name next to the Choose File button click Upload.

choose file and click on the upload button

11. It will take a few moments for the file to be uploaded. When the file has successfully uploaded you will see it highlighted in the list.

file successfully uploaded

12. Click on Insert file.

click on insert file

13. Now you will be back to the page you are editing. Click on OK.

click on OK

14. Finish any additional edits then scroll down the bottom of the page and click Save.

click on Save

15. Now when you look at the page the text will be a link. If you upload a pdf document the link will open in the browser. If you upload a Word document the file will automatically download to the users computer.

text is now a link

16. In most cases notification will be sent to the DX team to indicate there is a new document to be reviewed and they will publish.

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