Text Editor: Advanced Options & Text Formats

The features below can be used in the text editor:

  • Emulate H1
  • Colorized Heading
  • Link (Carat Double)
  • Button (Basic)
  • Button (Outline)
  • Button (Carat Double)

Usage Instructions

  • Emulate H1 should be used when a large heading is needed on a page but will not be the primary page title
  • Colorized Heading should be used for subtitles on a page.
  • Buttons can be used for calls to action but we recommend limiting buttons to only 4 per page. Past that, you might need to use basic links instead. Button (Basic) is the most common type of button and should be considered first for use on a page.

How to Use

1. Ensure you have toggle toolbar enabled by clicking the toggle toolbar icon.

2. Once enabled, you will see a formats dropdown option

3. Highlight the copy that you need to format and select a Format option

** Note: In the screenshot above, Emulate H1, Colorized Heading and Ruled Heading are all greyed out. This is because they cannot be used until the copy that you have highlighted is using an H2 or below under the paragraph formatting options.

4. To undo the formatting, highlight the text and use the dropdown to remove the option

Options that should not be used

Do not use the color sector tool in the toggle toolbar. Only approved pattern library colors should be used and added by the webteam through css. Please contact webteam@uthscsa.edu if assistance is needed.


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