Step List (Block Type)


  • There should not be more than 1 step list per page.
  • Panels should not be larger then 1/3 of the page width
  • There is a limit to 5 steps per step list.
  • There is an additional info field that will display below all steps.

Design Example


How to Add a Step List

1. View the page you want to add the panel to.

2. In the top black admin bar, click Edit with WP Bakery

3. Once the blue WP bakery admin bar is loaded, hover over the column that you are adding the panel to.

4. Click the "+" icon as seen below to append to the column

5. When the Add Element panel appears, Click on UT Health Design

6. Next, select Step List

7. Lastly, fill out the fields and leave steps that are not needed empty. You may need to scroll down in the pop out panel to see all steps.

Once completed, the panel will be displayed as follows.

8. Lastly, click Update to make your updates LIVE


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Thu 6/18/20 3:57 PM