Staff Directory (Content Type)

This feature should be used for simple staff directories. This should not be used for profiles and a directory page can be broken up into groups (IE offices, divisions, etc).

Design Options

This content type will add staff into the directory and sort them manually. Every other person will have a tan background color for the row. Each new section can have a title as seen for "Admissions & Outreach". Each section can have a direct anchor link on the directly page but this feature needs to be set up by the development team.



Fields / Field Mapping

The following fields are available in this content type and can be seen in the screenshot below.

  1. Title
  2. Name
  3. Profile Link
  4. Photo
  5. Alternate Text (Only visible for screen readers but is required for accessibility.)
  6. Caption (Visible under photo but not shown in the example below)
  7. Phone Number
  8. Email
  9. Bio

Creating a directory

Directories or a new directory section on a page need to be initially created by web initiatives. Please reach out to for assistance.

Editing a directory

In order to edit an existing directory,

1. Hover over the section you want to edit. You will see a dotted outline around each section container.

2. On the top right, you will see a gear icon appears when hovering. Click the icon and select Edit Draft or New Draft

3. Make appropriate content changes in the fields visible.

4. In order to sort people, use the drag icon to move people up or down the listing.

5. To remove someone, scroll below the person and click the Remove button.

6. To add a new team member, scroll past all existing members and click Add another item

7. When complete, scroll to the bottom and Save the draft

Troubleshooting / Moderation Work flow

This section is intended to help when issues are found but please reach out to if you find a new bug that needs to be resolved or if you need assistance.

Content changes are not showing

If you made a new draft and your changes are not showing, it is likely because your content changes need to be reviewed and approved by the digital experience team lead by Shannon Owens. ( Please reach out to their team if content updates need to be reviewed and approved.

An alternate way to view individual sections and their drafts would be to,

1. Go to the content page and filter by Type = Directory, then click the apply button

2. Find the directory you want to edit and click on the title link. Now you can view the published version of the section or the drafted changes.

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