Alert Banners

Alert banners are intended for Holiday closures, sudden closures or temporary alerts.

(The microsite editors should have a link in their toolbar to edit the notice.)

How to Add or Edit the Notice

1. Use the edit links below

 1B) You can also find the notices in the content list at:

        Just filter by Type=Alert Block under Workbench Access

2. After, edit the title and body fields with the appropraite message save.

3. Lasty, navigate to the page where the banner can be seen and click on the Refresh this page button to make the changes live immediately.


How to Remove the Notice

1. Use one of the above links to access the edit page. 

2. Remove the text from the Heading and Body fields and Save. 
3. Change the Text format to Plain text

4. Click on the Refresh this page button on the homepage to make the change live immediately.

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