UT Health Physician Profiles

Profile data is imported from the credentialing database for all UT Health Physicians providers every month around the 16th. These profiles can be found here:

  • https://providers.uthscsa.edu

NOTE: UT Dentistry providers are NOT imported from the credentialing database. Cancer Center providers are included in the UTHP import on providers.uthscsa.edu. However, Cancer Center providers on the separate Cancer Center website are maintained manually.


Fields Imported

The following fields are imported from the enrollment database

  • Page Title (Display Name can be overridden by the Nickname field in WordPress.)
  • First name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last name
  • NPI number (unique identifier)
  • Address/Phone
  • Related Locations
  • Treatment and Care (is based on the primary specialty, but can be overridden by using the Conditions field in Wordpress.)
  • Degrees (this can be overridden by the Display Degrees field in Wordpress. Yext has a set list of acceptable degrees so this may not match the enrollment database. Just use the Display Degrees field to override incomplete data.)
  • Provider Type
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Specialties
  • Education & Qualifications
    • Medical School
    • Residency
    • Fellowship

Data not listed above may be updated by a marketing specialist using Yext.

 Requesting Updates

Updates to imported data from the credentialing database

This process is only to be used by department administrators. If you are a Physician, please contact your department to submit through the following process.

  1. Go to the following online form:  http://prwinvob001.utmsa.local/appnet_html/ProviderChangeOfStatus.html
    1. Tip:  save this as a Favorite in your web browser
  2. Click the Create Form link
  3. Fill in all required information as designated by “*
  4. Choose your Type of Request to load additional fields related to each type of change
  5. Submit your form

For general questions, please reach out to saavedrao@uthscsa.edu

For Content Updates outside of the credentialing database

  1. For discrepancies in a provider location please reach out to Jolyn Braggs (braggj@uthscsa.edu)
  2. For discrepancies in Cancer Center profiles, please reach out to Lauren Smith (SmithL9@uthscsa.edu)
  3. For general questions, you can reach out to webteam@uthscsa.edu


Additional Details/Notes

UT Health San Antonio does not include all practice locations on the UTHP and providers.uthscsa.edu websites since they are not all completely run by UT Health Physicians. 

  • Practice locations are not imported.  
  • Practice locations are added manually to Yext and must have a Location ID from the enrollment database.
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