Guide for User Experience & Audience Research

These following resources summarize the assets and design thinking that influenced the standards and guidance developed for UT Health San Antonio. If you need help assessing your audience(s) or have questions about any of the information below, please engage us through one of the Web & Digital Services request tickets.

Audience Research

All Web Initiatives site redesigns begin with audience research. This helps us focus our designs on our end users and gives us a sense of our users’ needs and actions.

We’ve compiled some links to give you an idea of the types of audience research activities we do when creating a new site:


In many of our redesign projects, we create personas to help guide our later designs. Personas are representations of your users created from research and analytics data. They’re often useful in helping decision makers make more user-focused design decisions. Here’s some useful resources to help you get started


Wireframes are simple versions of web pages/templates that show functionality and content without laying out a specific design. They help to define relationships between content and sections of a template without focusing on particular design elements. To help get you going, here’s some resources we’ve found useful:

Site Architecture

Ever wonder what shows up in a site’s navigation or who decided it should go there? Every site the Web Initiatives team builds goes through a process of architecting the navigation and structure to help guide our users on their journey.


Prior to launching any redesigned website, we put it through several tests to make sure the site functions as we intended.

The web team is committed to creating user-centered designs. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our UX practices, inquiries can be directed to the Web Team inbox. If you’re interested in engaging our UX or Audience Research services please contact the Web & Digital Services team by submitting a service request.

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