Guide for Web Design at UT Health San Antonio

These following resources summarize the assets and design thinking that influenced the standards and guidance developed for UT Health San Antonio. If you need help with web design or have questions about any of the information below, please engage us through one of the Web & Digital Services request tickets.

Pattern Library

At the core of all Web Initiatives sites is the Pattern Library. Here you will find all the patterns we use to assemble templates and pages. Using these patterns will build websites that are consistent with UT Health San Antonio branding guidelines.

If you’d like to learn more about pattern libraries in general, this is a good starting point. Atomic design is also a great resource for learning about creating pattern libraries.

Examples of Pattern Libraries

Accessible Design

It is important that background color and text color sufficiently contrast each other so everyone can read text clearly. Text areas must meet either AA or AAA accessibility standards.

Color Accessibility Tools

There are additional facets to accessibility including imagery, audio, underlying code base and markup that help us ensure information is communicated effectively to all individuals with varying degrees of ability. We adhere to the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


To help maintain a consistent, unified appearance, UT Health San Antonio’s brand standards adopted a set of typefaces to use for all communications. For online applications, we have selected two typefaces for use that are freely available from Google Fonts.

Icon Library

We use an icon font to render icons on many of the pages in You can download the icon font below or create your own customized icon set from Font Awesome. (this section still needs some work)

Media Guides

To help guide you with photo and video selection, we have created photo and video guides. The guides provide technical specs as well as tips for selecting media based on what users are looking for on the page. In addition, the video guide includes optimization guidelines for YouTube.

Design Thinking

There are many things to consider when designing websites. We’ve compiled a few links that we think are useful for our designers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how these standards are created or have any general design questions please contact the Web & Digital Services team by submitting a service request. General inquiries can be directed to the Web Team inbox.

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