1. Click on the Content item in the main Drupal admin bar
  2. Click on Add content, https://www.uthscsa.edu/node/add 
  3. Select Testimonial from the list. 
  4. Fill out the Title and Quote fields (required). If this is a quote from a person then add the quotation marks around the content. 
  5. In the Quote attributed to field add the person’s name if applicable. Or you could add the article title it comes from. This field is not required so you can leave it blank. 
  6. Upload an image if available. Alt text will be required if an image is uploaded. 
  7. Add a Testimonial link if you have one. This would be an external link, not a link to the actual testimonial, that can be created in a view. 
  8. Select a Testimonial Subject (website section). This field is required. 
  9. The Services, Medical Services, and Department fields are optional.
    1. Select values from these fields if you want to tag this Testimonial for a specific section of the website. We currently to not have a display to list all testimonials, they are displayed based on the selections in these fields. 
  10. Click on Save.
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Fri 2/21/20 2:51 PM
Fri 2/21/20 2:54 PM