Downloadable Form (Content type)

Currently this feature is only available to VPR Services site editor's. For this feature to be enabled on your site, please email

Fields on the Downloadable Form content type are visible based on what section of the website you edit. These instructions are assuming that you are a VPR Services site editor.

Visual Design Examples

Forms that are uploaded using this content type will be displayed on some type of directory page similar to the image below. The arrows correspond to the fields in the edit form.

image of forms directory

How to Add a Downloadable Form

1. Click on Add content on the menu bar.

image of add content button

2. Select Downloadable Form from the list.

image of select downloadable form content type

3. Add a title for your form. The title you choose will be used for the link text on the forms directory (see image above). Select Services as the Website Section. Upload your file.

image of title, website section and file upload fields

4. Choose the fields that you want this form to be filtered by.

image of filter fields

5. Click on the Save button.

image of save button
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