Tables: Creating a new table

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This article will walk you through the process of creating a new table. If you would like to learn how to modify an existing table, refer to our documentation called 'Modifying an existing table'.

Creating a table

1. Go to the backend of your site

2. Navigate to the 'TablePress' tab on the left sidebar and click 'Add New Table'

3. Fill in the table name and description (optional).

4. Enter the number of rows and columns for your table and click 'Add Table'

5. A blank table will appear. Go ahead and fill it in. Note: The first row will be the header. It is advised to put the column labels in the first row.

6. Navigate to the 'Table Options' and 'Features of the DataTables Javascript library'

7. In the 'Table Options' panel, uncheck all the boxes except the first one

8. in the 'Features of the DataTables Javascript library', uncheck the top box.

9. Click 'Save Changes' when you're done.

Adding a table to a page

Now we will add this table to a page.

1. Before navigating away from your table, at the top under 'Table Information', you will see a box labeled 'Shortcode' with some text. Copy this.

2. Navigate to the page you want to add the table

3. Open WPBakery and create a new row with a text block.

4. Paste the shortcode into the text block and save your changes. 

5. Update the page when done.

Your table will appear on the page. Any changes you need to make can be done using the 'Edit' link under the table. Note: Be sure to click this when not in WPBakery.





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