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This is a content entry guide for adding new publications to your site. This feature will also allow users to filter publications by the following

  • Publication type (Journal, Book, Article, etc)
  • Author
  • Year

Using this post type will also give you the ability to create feeds on pages that filter out publications based on the filters mention above. For example, I can create a page that only shows publications written by a specific author.


How to Add a new Publication

1. Login to your wordpress site

2. In the dashboard, look to the left hand column and click on "Publications" (as seen below)

** If you cannot see Publications in the left hand column, please request to activate it

3. Once the page loads, click the button "Add New"


Filling in the Fields for Publications

Content (Shown by red arrows and outlines)

All circled numbers will reflect the backend field it corresponds to below.

  1. Publication Title:
  2. Publication Date: This will be used for sorting the publications on the all publications page.
  3. Citation / Reference: This is where the publication reference will go. You also have the option to link authors or the publication link.
  4. Abstract:
  5. Publication Link: If the publication was published online, please copy and past the URL in this field
  6. PDF Upload: If the publication was published as a PDF and you have written consent from the publishing company to repost the publication, use this field to upload the PDF.
  7. Filtering: All filtering listed below is optional and can be removed if not needed. If you do use, this will give you the option to filter publications by these topics on the all publications page or create feeds of publications to put on other pages. Standard tags that come with the publications feature include
  • Publication Author
  • Publication Year
  • Publication Topics

More filters can be added by requesting it from

Font End View

All circled numbers will reflect the backend field it corresponds to.

Below is an example of the standard all Publications page (All taxonomy filters can now be interacted with in the right hand sidebar)


Below is an example of the standard single Publications page (visible after click the "View publication detail" link)

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