1. WP Bakery Basics: Editing text blocks and images

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  1. To edit any page content below the banner, navigate to the page you would like to edit and click "Edit with WP Bakery Page Builder" Edit with WP Bakery
  2. Once the frontend editing interface has loaded, the black admin bar will be replaced with the blue editing bar.

Changing Images

  1. Scroll down and hover over the image that needs to be replaced and click the Pencil icon in the green Single Image box. Edit the image
  2. Once the Single Image Settings panel loads, click the red ex over the place holder image and then click the green plus use a new image. Single Image Settings: Deleting an image
  3. Next, upload your new image or select an existing image in the media library. Don't forget to enter the ALT Text that should describe the image you are using. When complete, click the "Set Image" button
  4. Once the image is applied, you will need to select the size you would like to use. There are 4 sizes available,  thumbnail, medium, large, and full. Full should only be used if you cropped and fixed the size before uploading the image to WordPress. To change the size you want to use, just replace the text in the size field with the name new size. In this example, we left the default "Thumbnail".

  5. Next, click Save and wait until the button says "Saved!" to close out the editor.
  6. Lastly, click the Update button on the top right of the page to publish the staged changes on the live site.

Changing Copy Text

  1. Scroll down and hover over the text box that needs to be replaced and click the Pencil icon in the green Text Block boxOnce the editing interface loads (as seen below) you can edit the copy like you would edit a word document. Here are 5 key tools in the editor that will be most helpful.
  2. Add Media: This can be used to add an image directly in the text body instead of having a single image block.
  3. Heading Selector: This can be used to set heading levels or change copy into basic paragraph text. Please do not use H1 because H1 should be reserved for the primary page title.
  4. Bullet List: This can be used to create a basic bullet list.
  5. Links: This can be used to create basic links in the copy.
  6. Paste as Plain Text: If you are copying over content from a Word or PDF document, you would want to click this button before pasting your content. This will prevent any unusual or unwanted text from copying over.

    When you have completed copy edits, make sure to click the blue button "Save changes" and wait for it to say "Saved!"
  7. Lastly, Click Update to publish all changes.
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