Creating a Gallery

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You must have images uploaded into your image library in order to add them into the Gallery.


A user would like to add a Gallery onto their WordPress page.


Galleries allow users to select multiple images on their WordPress pages and posts and view them in a list. Here we have an example of a gallery below:


1. Ensure you are logged into your WordPress website (e.g.

2. Once you are logged in, you will be sent to the Dashboard of your WordPress website as shown below.


3. From here, navigate to the Page that you would like to add the gallery onto.

4. Once you've navigated to the target page, select the button labeled Add Media, located just above the text editor. (Example Below)

5. Next you will be brought to a screen displaying numerous media options that you can configure. Take this time to uploaded any new images that will be needed in the gallery.

6. After your media has been uploaded to the media library, select Create a Gallery. From here, select the images that you would like to have included in your Gallery. 

7. Once you are done selecting your images, click on the button labeled Create a New Gallery, located on the bottom right portion of the menu box.

8. Next, add Captions if needed and adjust the image order.

9. To enable the lightbox effect when you click on an image, change the Link to to the Media File setting.

10. Once complete, click on the Insert Gallery button, and you've succesfully added a Gallery into your WordPress page!


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