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Recommended Guidelines for Menu Length and content

  • Keep each menu Item under 3 words. Avoid long names such as "UT Health San Antonio Physicians" or "Resource for Parents and Students" Instead shorten it to "UT Health Physicians" or "Community Resources"
  • Keep the total menu character count under 85 characters with spaces (Exceeding this limit would break the menu on iPad or smaller screen sizes. You can check the character count on sites such as https://charactercounttool.com/
  • If you need to link to an external site (to a page that doesn't exist on the site that the user is currently on), put it in the Utility Navigation or in quick links.
  • Do not link documents directly from the main menu.


Updating the Menu

1. Login to the site you need to edit.

2. Once you are logged in, you will be sent to the Dashboard of your WordPress website as shown below.


3. On the Top Bar, you're going to see the name of your website with a Home Icon next to it. Hover over that portion until you see the dropdown menu arrive, and click on Visit Site.

4. After clicking on that link, you should be sent to the home page of your WordPress website as shown in the image below. From here, we're going to click on the link that says Customize on the top of our webpage.

5. Upon clicking on Customize, you will be brought to a page that contains various options on the left-hand side of your webpage. These options allow you to customize features of your website that will carry over onto all pages of the WordPress website.

6. Click on Menus as shown in the image below.

7. From here, you will be brought to a menu that lists the two Menus that we use in most of our WordPress sites.

  1. We have the Main Menu, featuring items you can add that are listed on the left-hand side.
  2. As well as the Side Menu (Utility Nav), providing space on the right-hand side for a couple of menu items.

8. Clicking on one of the Menu Items will bring you to a list of links that are within that Menu. In this example we're using the Main Menu to show what items are listed. We can see that there are six Pages listed, and they can be reordered in any fashion. You can add different types of pages using the Add Items button on the side menu.

9. Once you are done with altering the Menu, click on the Save & Publish button, and you should be done!

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