Adding Events (Post Type)


A WordPress Site Administrator needs to create an Event in WordPress.


1. Ensure you are logged into your WordPress website “(e.g. or

2. Once you are logged in, you will be sent to the Dashboard of your WordPress website as shown below.


3. From the Dashboard, click on Events.


4. From the Events page, click on Add New.

5. From here, you are able to fill out various details regarding information about the event.

  1. Event Name
  2. Excerpt
  3. Event Date
  4. Event End Date (Optional)
  5. Time
  6. Location
  7. Event Details

6. Once you are done with filling out the details of the event, double-check the content to ensure there are no grammatical errors.

7. Click on the Publish button, and you're done! Your Event should be featured on your respective events page of your WordPress website.

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