Mobile Device Services

Replace a Pager, Modify (change holder name), Disconnect Service, Replace a Pager

Note: When disconnecting pager service, please return all pagers to Techzone for credit.


Mobile Upgrades:
Purchase of a University-owned mobile phone to be used as a shared phone within the department for official University business only.  These phones are rotational in nature (not assigned to one individual for more than 50% of the time). These can also include phones grant fund eligible (ex: Domestic Violence Study), see grant guidelines in the FAQs.


Mobile Internet Services:
The addition of internet wi-fi, broadband, or hot spots to a mobile device such as an iPad or tablet. 
Click on the Request Service button to request the service.

  • Eligibility: Any UT Health SA faculty or staff with a departmental provided mobile phone
  • Cost: Service fee and usage charges from vendor
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