LISTSERV, Distribution List, and LISTSERV Issue Services


Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list.  If you don’t know which you need, please see the Knowledge Base article below for a description of each. Request assistance with LISTSERV issues. Please list the LISTSERV address and any issues you may be experiencing.

Click on the Request Service button to request the service.


Eligibility (For LISTSERV List or Exchange Distribution List requests only):

Any employee may submit a request, but it must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate business office before the requested access is granted.


For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

Email mailbox

Do I need a Distribution List of a Listserv?


Cost (For LISTSERV List or Exchange Distribution List requests only):

$50 one-time setup fee for a new Listserv list; no fee for Exchange distribution lists or for changes or deletions.

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