Computer Screen Lock Exemption Request

The University’s Workstation Security standard indicates that password-protected screen savers will automatically lock workstations that connect to the UTHSCSA network after 15 minutes of no activity or user interaction. The user must then re-enter their password to gain access to the computer. Requiring a user to sign in when they return minimizes the risk of an unauthorized person using an active session while the authorized user is away.


Exemptions are very rarely granted as screen locking timeouts are a standard security measure. However, if the screen lock policy to a particular computer may be detrimental to work activities and makes work processes effectively impossible, an exemption request can be submitted to the Office of Information Security for review.


To request for an exemption to this standard, complete the Computer Screen Lock exemption request, gather the necessary signatures and attach it to this Service Request.

Eligibility: Faculty and staff

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