Dell Data Protection Encryption (DDPE) Exemption Request

The University's standard encryption software, Dell Data Protection Encryption, detects and encrypts external media (ie. USB flash drives, external hard drives, etc.) when they are plugged into an encrypted system (ie. desktop or laptop). The goal of this is to protect University data in the event that the external media device is lost or stolen. If a department determines that external media cannot or must not be encrypted, an exemption for DDPE can be requested so that BitLocker and KACE can be used as an alternative to meet the requirements for encryption and monitoring. 


Complete the DDPE form, gather the necessary signatures and attach it to this Service Request.

Eligibility: Faculty and staff


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Encryption Exemption Request: 

If a department determines a device cannot or must not be encrypted, steps must be taken to ensure that device does not represent a threat to the university, and an encryption exemption must be requested at


Cost: No cost for this service

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