Leased Mass Storage (LMS) - New Contract

Leased mass storage (LMS) is data file storage for groups and/or individuals on a server that is managed and maintained by IMS and includes workstation configuration and access administration of file services. This service does not include application sharing. LMS Services includes daily backups and retention.      
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Any employee may submit a request, but it must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate business office before the requested access is granted.    

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Initial Setup and recurring cost based on requirements.  


One-Time Set-Up Fee (includes charges for EUS) No. of Users Cost per User   Total
User Set Up Fee (EUS)  ** 0 $15.00   $0.00
Share Setup and Configuration (SNO) 0 $15.00   $0.00
Totatl Set-Up Fees       $0.00
Annual Admin Fees Quantity Cost per User   Total
Account Administration per User Fee 0 $7.50   $0.00
Total Annual Admin Fee       $0.00
Annual Usage Fees Space Utilization (GB) Price per GB per Year   Total
Total Disk Space Fee (Regular) - Projected   $5.90   $0.00
Projected First-Year Total Cost (Regular Rate)       $0.00
*Billed Quarterly Based on Usage