Includes email and calendar access services as well as listserv and distribution list support.

Services (4)

Customize Active Directory photo

Change photo displayed in Outlook, Jabber, and Office 365.

LISTSERV, Distribution List, and LISTSERV Issue Services

Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list. Request assistance for LISTSERV issues.

UT Health Email Changes, New Email Account Requests, and Shared Mailbox/Calendar Services

Request changes to an existing UT Health email account. This includes changing ownership, email forwarding, granting send as or send on behalf permissions, requesting access to an email account of a terminated or transferred employee. You also have the option to request the creation of a UT Health Email Account (

UT Health Email Issues

Use this option if you experience email incidents related to OWA, Outlook or mobile phone issues.