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Services (8)

Enable Jabber for Computer and/or Mobile Device

Enable Jabber for Computer and/or Mobile Device

Mobile Device Services

Request services related to Pagers, Mobile Phone Upgrades, and Mobile Internet Services (Hotspots)

Telephone, Voicemail, and Conference Calling Unit Services

Includes installation of new phones, disconnects, moves, and changes for existing telephones services. Voice mail service via Cisco Unity is also provided. This service allows you to retrieve our voice messages and view missed calls through Cisco Jabber or your Cisco Telephone. Departments may purchase conference units with expandable microphones directly from IMS / Infrastructure Solutions. Each unit will have a unique telephone number assigned to the unit.

Telephony (PID/Dept ID)-Billing Changes

IMS / Business Office provides PID/DEPT ID changes for Telephony Services for UT Health SA.  Request to change the existing monthly reoccurring PID and/ or Dept ID for a telephone, mobile phone, long distance code, or pager.

Conference Calling Accounts (Toll / Toll Free)

Personal conference calling services are now available upon request to host conference calls for business use only.

Long Distance Services

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides long distance services for UT Health SA. Long distance authorization codes are created for UT Health SA employees and are solely intended for use by the individual to whom the code was issued.


IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides a digital fax solution, RightFax.