UT Health Learns: Course Admin - Withdrawing a Learner from a Course


This article demonstrates how a course admin can withdraw a learner from a course


1.  Log into UT Health Learns and navigate to the Talent Suite Dashboard. 

2.  Select the My Client Groups tab, and then select UT Health Learns. 

3.  On the Administrator Dashboard, select Learning Catalog. 


4.  Select the Courses tab. 


5.  Enter the name of the course you wish to enroll the Learner in the Course Title field. 


6.  In the Published Start Date, enter "01/01/60." 


7.  Select Search. 

8.  Under the Search Results, locate your course and select the Course Title to access the Course page.  


9. In the Course page, select Learners. 


12. In Assignment Status, select All 


13. In the Name field, type in the individual's name whom you want to remove from the course.

14. Under Learner Results, select the appropriate learner name so that it is highlighted blue 


14. Select the Change Status button 

15. Select Withdraw Learners 


16. In the Reason for Withdrawal dropdown, choose a reason: 

  • Learning is no longer relevant to learner. 

  • Learner is unable to attend. 

  • Other 

17. In the Comments box, indicate the reason for withdrawing the learner.


18. Check the Exclude learning from Learners's transcript box.


19. Select the Withdraw Learners button 

20. An Information window will appear stating that " All the selected learners were withdrawn from the learning assignments" Select OK. 

21. You can select your Profile Photo in the upper right and Sign Out. 




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