Search Keywords on Cancer Center


A field called Search Keywords has been added to the following content types: 

  • General Page 
  • Cancer Type 
  • Provider 

To boost a piece of content in the search results, you can add search keywords or phrases in this field. You can separate multiple keywords/phrases by commas.

You will find this field at the bottom of the content’s edit form (It is the very last item before the save button). The content will be re-indexed immediately so you should be able to see updated search results soon after.


For demonstration purposes, we have set up the phrase “blood cancer” on the Blood cancer program page and cancer type pages. Providers with hematology/oncology as a specialty have also had “blood cancer” added in the search keywords field. 


Another possible improvement to the search function is to utilize synonyms. If you provide us with a list of synonyms, we can configure the search to utilize these synonyms globally so you will not have to utilize the keywords field as much. 






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Tue 7/6/21 12:01 PM
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