Deleting User Profiles on Mac

  • User needs to delete an existing user profile on a Mac

  • User will need to log into the mac with an existing administrator account  to delete the user profile. 


1). Login with an administrator account and open System Preferences. Then, open Users and Groups.

2). Click the padlock on the bottom of the window to make changes. Then, highlight the account you would like to delete on the left

3). After the account has been selected, click the minus(-) button located under Login Options.

4). A prompt will appear to confirm the deletion of the account. If you would like the account and all of the documents associated with it to be deleted permanently, select the last two options as listed below.
  • The first option will archive all the user’s documents and information so the user can be restored from a disk image later if needed. The disk image is saved in /Users/Deleted Users/. 
  • The second option will keep the user’s documents and information on the machine and the user can be restored later if needed. The home folder remains in /Users/.

*After the account has been deleted, restart the machine to confirm the changes.*


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