Creating User Profiles on Mac

  • User needs to create a new user profile on a Mac

  • User will need to log into the mac with an existing administrator account  to create the user profile. 


1). Login with an administrator account and open System Preferences. Then, open Users and Groups.

2). Click the padlock on the bottom of the window to make changes. Then, click the plus(+) button located under the Login Options tab. 

3). A window to fill out the profile information will appear.

4). The New Account tab, will allow you to select what type of account to create.
  • Standard accounts can use the machine normally but cannot make changes to the machine. 
  • Administrator accounts can use the machine normally and make changes. Ex: (Installing software, creating and deleting profiles)
  • Managed with Parental Controls will allow the user to set what applications or websites that can and can't be accessed and, set time limits for use.
  • Sharing only account will allow you to enable a person to access only the files and folders you specify without creating a user profile.

5). Fill out the information required for the user profile and click create user

6). If the account was successfully created, it will be added to the Other Users tab located to the left

*Restart the machine to confirm changes*
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